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Achieving my career aspirations

The world of employment in 2020 is more competitive than ever before. I have always been told that a degree will only get me so far and that a combination of opportunity and experience is vital to have any chance of a successful career. In the current climate the world finds itself in, experience is difficult to gain because opportunity has become scarce. At the height of lockdown, the GCA-MSAM Accelerator provided me with two opportunities. The first was to gain experience in a rigorously structured investment fund environment, allowing me to become more proficient in my knowledge of the financial industry and markets with an emphasis on correct risk management techniques. Simultaneously I developed the soft skills that are inherent in a management position as I discovered within my role as participant Chief Executive Officer of the MSAM Accelerator. In addition to this, I was provided with an opportunity to connect with industry professionals, which allowed me to take control of my future career prospects. During the six-month Beta phase of GCA-MSAM, there was an emphasis on risk management being the key to effective portfolio management. While this concept was not completely alien to me, it was interesting to learn that most, if not all, ‘modern’ risk models have proven ineffective through recent economic activity. This point became the premise of the final capstone project executed by selected beta participants across vital departments, who presented the risk concepts utilised by the MSAM accelerator, to a board of third-party, seasoned industry professionals.”

Dylan Greenhalgh – Undergraduate at University of West London