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Higher Education in the UK: A Positioning Paper to Foster Discussion


The major industrial countries depend on a well-financed and responsive educational structure to ensure efficient administration and global competitiveness. Higher educational facilities in the U.K. have, over many years, established a reputation for excellence capable of fulfilling the needs of the country while offering access to these facilities to students from many countries. In recent years, however, the U.K. university sector has undergone many changes, with a much higher proportion of young people encouraged to seek degrees leading to the associated problems of financing the expansion and the maintenance of educational quality.

This situation had already reached a crisis point before the Covid-19 virus hit, with the existence of a number of institutions under threat and the sector is now having to come to terms with major changes in how they deliver educational programmes. The current situation is reviewed in the light of these developments and the need for new educational initiatives to provide better value and opportunities for students and to satisfy the needs of the rapidly evolving financial and high technology industries.

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