The ‘Catch 22’ facing someone trying to start a career has always been that the employing company asks for experience. But how can you get experience without having a job in the first place? GCA has the solution.

A definite positive impact on young people’s journey towards a career.

We believe passionately that every young person should have that chance to start the career they want, irrelevant to background or past educational opportunities. Our only entrance requirements are a strong level of motivation, a willingness to succeed and a good level of English. For instance, through a recent university engagement we are proud to have facilitated a predominantly female cohort. We have recently hosted participants from a range of backgrounds and nationalities including the US and Colombia, Latvia, the UK, Greece and the Czech Republic, Oman and Hong Kong.

Whilst our first level focus is on those of university age, we absolutely understand that the journey towards a career starts when young people are still at school. With that in mind we are actively engaging with a range of schools to offer an opportunity for early experience and a taste of the professional life.

Our outreach programme is aligned to our passion to help young people from whatever walk of life they may come. Diversity is at the heart of our programme and we are proud to be working not only with some of the top public schools in the UK but are also reaching out to state schools. We will make a definite positive impact on these young lives.