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University partnership with GCA

by Malak Hamdan – Director, GCA

Top-10 ranking in the country, the University of Buraimi have launched a new partnership with GCA as part of their mission to embed employability skills across the curriculum.

The higher education sector in Oman is going through a process of reflection and rapid change, where the winners will be those institutions who are able to produce highly skilled graduates fit for employment. Having the right skills will be vital for Oman and its vision to move towards a knowledge-based economy. In furtherance of those goals, the new partnership with GCA represents a significant investment by the University of Buraimi in its students.

The process started in July this year during which Omani students were invited to participate in an Accelerator to test things out. This was successful and has now been formalised and extended, with GCA initially responsible for the experiential learning and training of a cohort of students from the School of Business.

Robin Poynder, our COO, said, ”It is testament to the quality of the service we deliver that the University of Buraimi have been able to satisfy a drive towards adding experience as an integral part of their course, through participation in the GCA Accelerator.”

As Gulf countries continue building knowledge economies, they still face tremendous challenges to diversify and to build human capital to compete in a global 21st century world. GCA is proud to be part of this process to build capacity, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within education and industry.